Discussion in 'TekkitNoodle Help' started by TekkitNoodle, Feb 10, 2013.


Discussion in 'TekkitNoodle Help' started by TekkitNoodle, Feb 10, 2013.

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    ChKrag Sup bro/sis? =)

    This is a really good message Ryan! :D This server should be one of the top server's. But since there have beem so much trouble with the server, many people have quited. Witch isn't good =/ I know one of the Tmod's have quited the server because of the reset of the map. He didn't want to play anymore because of the resets and the rebuilding of buildings/factory.
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    factory100023 New Member

    i agree (i lost my quantum factory :(
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    BondGrl007 New Member

    We've all lost important things and it is unfortunate, BUT every server has it's share of issues and Noodle is thee ONLY one I find worth sticking with...It goes beyond just "sticking" with it...Nobody or no server is perfect, but Noodle is the closest to perfect by far...It's.....home for me... <3
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    Unkown New Member

    The Link Is Broken
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    Djbrony New Member

    Why is the voting link banned?
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    mjrjameshawk New Member

    It was
    It was mine too, i had to leave :(
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    Elliott588 New Member

    To Ryan please can you unban Elliott588,
    my little brother used my tekkit and place snow everywhere using a zero ring,
    there is a password on my computer now so he cannot use it!
    So I asure you this will not happen again,
    so please can you unban Elliott588 because I have come so far!
    Thank You
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    TekkitNoodle Owner

    I have now changed the rewards for voting. You will now get 200 claim blocks and 500 money. In addition, you will now get 3 dark matter to compensate for the map reset.
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    SkuxDeluxe_ New Member

    Come on guys keep the voting up! Let's get NUMBER FRIGGIN ONE!!!! After all, this is the best server!!!!
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    ilovewaffles692 New Member

    Yeh Come On Guys!
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    Silken_thread New Member

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    TekkitNoodle Owner

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    Silken_thread New Member

    I have done,

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